Please join me for a 3 day intensive TP course.
It will be interactive, it will be intensive, you will learn a lot, and we will have fun.

What participants get:

  • Three intensive days of 7-hours of:
    • Lectures;
    • case studies (including ADIT exam questions); and
    • the opportunity to ask all the questions you would like.
  • A maximum of 15 participants, to allow our sessions to be interactive.
  • Johann Muller’s “Summary of the 2017 OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines”, selling on Amazon for USD 35 ex VAT.
  • 1 year’s access to Johann Muller’s Transfer Pricing course, consisting of more than 12 hours of video lectures, selling for Euro 340 ex VAT.
  • More than 200 PowerPoint slides with written notes.
  • UN Practical Manual; EU Directives; case law in soft copy.
  • Preparation for the Transfer Pricing exam of the UK Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (should one be interested in doing that).

Program, registration and venue details are available here.  Alternatively, contact me at johann.h.muller at gmaildotcom or +45-6120 2911.